Change is inevitable. To stay the course with the status quo is comfortable but dangerous, and sometimes fatal in today’s business environment. Taking action to stay in front of the change, to build new offers and teams who quickly embrace new opportunities – generates results, company-wide excitement and sometimes surprising innovations.

Bright Operations can help you “operationalize” your goals so you reach them. We can assist in determining what separates you from the pack and how to differentiate your value to your clients. We will help you “step on it” and drive focused actions toward success.

Bright Operations methodology will grow your market share nurture your ambitions and deliver a rich sense of accomplishment. Funny thing about success… afterward the team players will proclaim “Wow! Look at what we’ve accomplished!” Then what inevitably follows is “Hey, let’s go for it again.”

Changing markets demand

we move

faster and smarter

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Peter Drucker Institute’s KH Moon Center for a Functioning Society, partnered with the Wall Street Journal and developed the Management Top 250, a ranking of corporate performance and effectiveness.  They based their scoring on 5 dimensions: Employee engagement and development, financial strength, customer satisfaction, innovation, and social responsibility. Their article in the Wall Street Journal was steeped in mind-numbing data, deviation scores, and statistics. However, they noted something very important: firms with the most significant gains over time were those that focused on employee engagement […]

by Carol

December 18, 2018


Staci Nesbitt, Principal, GGA Architects

“Ann is super insightful.  She zeroed in on our office organization immediately and wasted no time in engaging us with meaningful, step-by-step initiatives that have resulted in big shifts in our workplace culture.”

Ali Barar, Principal, GGA Architects

“The beauty is that Ann will reach any individual right where they are and help us all move and change as one strong team.  Her contribution to our leadership, processes and organization has been invaluable.”

Staci Nesbitt, Principal, GGA Architects

“Ann helps you quickly break down perceived obstacles and/or envision an alternative path.”

Ali Barar, Principal, GGA Architects

“Ann is a force.  She helps us think clearly when things are muddled.  She elevates our thoughts in every conversation, energetically engages and is super passionate about us and our success.  It is like she is one of us.”

Bob Hidey, President, RHA Architects

“Through thorough review and collaboration, Ann has aided our team in organizing thoughts, gathering data and implementing direction.  She keeps us focused on the “big picture” while  allowing room for new ideas to come forward.”

Bob Hidey, President, RHA Architects

“Ann’s wealth of knowledge and experience in our industry has proven to be invaluable as we work to define our company’s vision and strategize our goals going forward.”

Scott Baker

“We are RELM…a proud studio approaching three years old that is unified. That is the greatest gift of our work with Ann. If you allow her to work across all levels within your organization, you will find outcomes that lead to empowerment, efficiencies, and enthusiasm. RELM cannot recommend her expertise more highly.”

President, RELM

Scott Baker

“Ann was amazing. Her amenable nature comfortably brought everyone to the table to define, ‘the RELM way,’ in a spirit that was introspective, collaborative, and useful. She introduced our studio to the concept of energy units, asking us to define time to value ratios. We streamlined several rote tasks to ensure we could spend more time conceptualizing, creating moments of wonder.”

President, RELM

Win Roney

“We have hired Ann on a variety of assignments/projects for HGA over the past 2+ years and have found her to be an excellent thinker and resource. She has helped us to redefine our business development processes and develop actionable plans across many of our offices and regions.”

Vice President & Principal, HGA Architects

Win Roney

“Ann’s strategic abilities coupled with her ability to read and connect with people at all levels of our organization has been tremendously fruitful!”

Vice President & Principal, HGA Architects and Engineers

Our clients and the marketplace always know what they need and how we can create the best value. But do we listen? This case study is an example of how listening to clients pays great dividends.

CLIENT: Large Engineering Firm

CHALLENGE: Extend and secure new contracts in the area of Data Centers for telecommunication, finance and media industries.Our clients and the marketplace always know what they need and how we can create the best value. But do we listen? This case study is an example of how listening to clients pays great dividends.



Bright Operations is a business growth accelerator for results driven CEOs. The Bright Operations model of augmenting teams to achieve greater profits was developed after Ann Banning-Wright, the founding partner, saw a need to help time-starved CEOs and C-Suites achieve greater success for their teams and their firms. Together we create methodologies that will help you accelerate your company’s market share, nurture individual and company ambitions and achieve a rich sense of accomplishment.


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