Status quo lovers are being duped!

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I was talking to a client about how difficult it is for people to change.  One reason, we discussed, is that many people have been duped into thinking that not changing means that they can do what they have always done and maintain status quo.  Not true.  When comparing proposed changes to status quo remember to compare the new change against the erosion of your current practice if you were to do nothing.

To me positive change is about taking action and making your future. Not changing is about waiting to see what will happen to you.

Take on the future and prepare to thrive.

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  • Jennifer

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Not changing and waiting to see what happens is passive and very survivor-like. Taking action helps gets past the paralysis that so often afflicts us during big changes. It also helps keep us off the roller coaster and out of the weeds.

    • admin

      I believe that if people were to take a look to the future and ask themselves how able they will be to compete when the great recession has past – the weak firms will say that “they made it” and be struggling for another period just to catch up to those who got ready to be distinctive. Instead of thriving with a healthier economy, they will have another arduous period to “make it through”.

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