All Things To All Clients?

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Companies are developing strategies for the coming year right now. In doing so, I suggest they start at the end and work back by asking these questions:

What do we want to be known best in class for?
What are we really good at?
What are our current capabilities?
Where do we really need to invest in to stay competitive?

Budgets are still tight so investing in an area of the firm has become a really BIG decision. Having the courage and discipline to do what you do best might just be the answer for next year and beyond. The buyers I talk to in the market place are going for tried and true expertise on projects that matter.

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  • Whitney Dorn

    Hi Ann:
    We are going through this right now as we speak. It is hard to invest when the immediate future looks bleak. But when your company prides itself on being ever forward and unique, you have to spend some money to improve, and it might not be “chargeable” hours. I believe to be great, you have to invest.

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