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men-in-different-directions-medOne of the things my clients hire me to do is to help them facilitate leadership retreats and assist with the most important element – the conclusion of the retreat and the agreements reached.  You know how much work goes into pulling together a team of firm leaders, fine-tuning the agenda, and then running the retreat and finalizing where to go at the end of the day.  Timing and communication come at multiple levels during a meeting, and that includes communicating outcomes to your team afterward.

Make no mistake. Your team is watching firm leaders for guidance, direction, feedback and, well, leadership following a major retreat. One way to make sure the message being brought back to a leader’s respective department or region is to make sure there is immediate and succinct materials for each leader to take back home.  Once back on their own turf, the leader must summarize what happened with their team and what agreements came out of the meeting.  However, it is even more than that.

For a summit or retreat to have been a success, your team must be assured that firm leadership are working together and where they fit in on those common goals.


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