How Will You Come Out on the Other Side?

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I want to share excerpts from an email that is circulating, and a challenge issued by Michael Levin, inspired by business coach, Lee Brower who made the following statement:  Brower says It is pointless to ask, “Why is this happening to me?”, because questions like that enhance a sense of victimhood.  Instead, he suggests it’s wiser to ask, “Why is this happening for me?”  He adds, “In other words, what positive things can I get out of this?”

This inspired me.  I’m reading more during this lockdown. I went online to and took a course on Artificial Intelligence which I can use in my business.  I’ve collected all the pre-digital photos of the family and am scanning them. Now is the time to do something that might make you feel personally accomplished, open your mind, and explore a new direction or career.

When this pandemic is over, may we all come out smarter, more grateful, the house cleaner, a big batch of stuff ready for charity donation, and with a clear direction for our future.


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  • John Anderson

    Good to hear from you Ann. I actually retired the first of,the year and am enjoying the change.


  • Frank

    Hi Ann,

    I am currently reading Mindset by Carol Dweck which describes the differences between fixed and growth mindset. Carol’s research clearly shows that people who follow the growth mindset go through such tough times better than people with the fixed mindset. They do not accept that their intelligence, abilities etc. are fixed but can be influenced by their own action. By coincidence this is exactly what you are describing in your post. You have probably read Mindset already but if you have not, I highly recommend it.

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