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Harvard Business Review did a study on Strategic Execution (article “How Hierarchy Can Hurt Strategy Execution”) “leaders should consider making strategy formulation more bottom-up and should communicate more clearly – through out the ranks – about what the company is trying to achieve”.

To add on to this, even those that engage their team in strategic development and translate strategies into day-to-day activities will often forget to keep the strategy and the progress being made on the forefront of the mind of the team throughout the year. They forget to emphasize the correlation between strong strategies and profits. Instead many leaders will skip over strategies and talk only about the bottom line and profits made.

What a missed opportunity! They could be building a greater commitment to future efforts around strategy development and, most importantly, miss the opportunity to thrill the team with their own progress. To me that is what invigorates teams to keep going and continue progressing. That sense of achievement is hard to beat.

Visit http://www.hbr.org/spotlight/effective-organization for a 10 slide presentation of a survey about strategic execution.

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