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Have been reading IBM’s 2010 CEO survey ( and when 1400 CEO’s were asked what are the most important things to focus on over the next 5 years the top 3 answers were: getting close to clients, people skills and insight and intelligence to better serve client needs.  Interesting and telling.  We are hearing this in a million different ways. It is not the technical elements but how well we can understand clients and give them what they need. Fascinating document!

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  • Jennifer

    My question is: Why is this so hard for so many to do?

  • Kelly Givens

    Ann, I love the fact that your daily quest is to “discover something”. You said to me long ago that you like the feeling of “being chased” which is why you search so hard for new ideas.
    I too often feel this way and recently re read one of my favorite books in that reagard that was first released in 1992.
    The book was written by Intel chief, Andy grove. The book is “only the paranoid survive”.
    Being chased, or being paranoid may create the optimum enviornment for innovation an the read is still very applicable today.

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