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RainbowManSmallI am still in brain mode.   “Switching off” in order to focus.  Turn off your email, your phone or your iPad while working on a project.  Not all day – but have a period of time to focus.  The author of the book Your Brain at Work, which I referred to in my last two blogs,   talks about a study that employees spend an average of 11 minutes on a project before being distracted and then 25 minutes to get back to the original task!  Think of the time you could save by focusing on the project and then checking your email, etc.  When you read his book and you understand how our brains work, you will be much more careful about allowing distractions.  In a previous blog I talked about my appointments I would have by myself and go to a restaurant to get my brain focused ( see How To Keep Focus On Strategic Issues).  Now I know why!  (For even more on this check out my last two blogs:  Use Your Head 2-25-14, and Clear Your Mental Clutter 2-18-14).

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