Mentoring – a soft skill that will produce hard results

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Helping Man SmallToday, take a moment to notice: are you mentor or are you always talking in an effort to teach people or just tell them what to do? Do you listen?  Do you ask questions?  How are you engaging and helping people be successful? Each day, practice the idea of mentoring, regardless of your level in a company. London Business School professor Lynda Gratton, says, “Younger workers value a highly skilled “master” who is capable of mentoring instead of “someone who simply keeps track of what they do.” Who wouldn’t?  I liken this to a trend in education where teachers are being asked to mentor and help students understand and do problems based on the online teaching they got the night before at home. (See blog Teach an Old Dog New Tricks). How many of us know how to mentor?  This skill is wildly important for the future and for the success of the relationship amongst the different generations in your office.  You want to start fortifying for the talent wars ahead?  Start engaging with your peers and teams in a different way. You will never be sorry you do this but you may be very sorry if you don’t.

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