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People-With-Talking-Bubbles SmallFor the most part I do not like to point out differences in how men and women work but I read something that hit home as a difference that women could really learn from.  In a 2012 research project by Mamta Kapur, a research fellow at Accenture Institute, she found that female executives are very efficient.  They come to meetings on time and leave on time to get to the next meeting.  Men on the other hand, and are more likely to spend time connecting with one another to test ideas and garner support.  They often arrive early or stay afterwards to close off the discussion and talk about other issues.  A former boss of mine always tried to walk people out to the elevator or even carpool to meetings for just that purpose.  This time men are more likely to spend is time well spent for floating ideas or listening for concerns or more importantly, continuing to build strong relationships.  For women this is a behavior we should be considering.  To make up for this difference the article suggests having some informal pre-meetings for the same purpose so that ideas are not floated for the first time in a large meeting. Like we don’t have enough meetings!  So consider lingering a bit, slow down and connect with others or consider the pre-meeting as a very effective technique for garnering support for an idea and listening to other opinions and concerns that could be addressed when presenting ideas. 

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