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IdeaMan - Copy2Get out and talk to your team and other experts!  There are two kinds of leadership:  Those who make decisions in an “isolation chamber” and those who ask everyone to weigh in.  Two-thirds of executives only consider one option when making decisions, according to Chip and Dan Heath, co-authors of Decisive:  How to Make Better Choices.   However, successful leaders recognize that the best solutions are the result of many minds.  Managers who proactively develop connections and relationships with other experts and tap them for help with completing critical tasks increased “idea flow” resulting in more creative solutions.   In addition, the more diverse social networks of these star managers enable them to have various perspectives, i.e. that of customers, competitors, and other managers.   The best decisions result from constant social exploration – the process of gathering, examining, and testing out ideas from other people.  It allows decision makers to tap into the “wisdom of the crowd.”   I’m not saying to let others make your decisions for you, what I’m suggesting is that you proactively listen to the thoughts of others and then armed with that additional perspective craft solutions that are the result of broader thinking.  This is when it is dangerous to work with “Yes men” but that is the topic for another blog. (See previous blog on Engagement or Divorce).


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