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EmployeeMoral CopyI see many firms anxious to sell what they do as opposed to offer what clients really want.  I get that what they do is important but what the client wants may be a 10% shift that can make all the difference in the satisfaction of the client and your distinction in the market. I was reading an article by Miles D. White, Chairman and CEO of Abbott Laboratories in Harvard Business Review (November 2013 – The Reinvention Imperative), and he was talking about Abbott’s reinvention strategies.  He said something really important:  “What have we learned along the way?  More than anything, how essential it is to get beyond pride in “what we are really good at” – which can blind people to changes in what the world needs and customers value most, and turn a onetime differentiator into the ball and chain of “the way we’ve always done it.”

Go back and read my blog about maple tree sap click here. Even Mother Nature is urging a rethink to the way it’s always been done.   

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