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Reinvention SmallYou’ve just heard about an upcoming project that would be perfect for your firm’s capabilities.  Whether or not you have a relationship with the client, your approach will determine landing the project or not.  Time and again, I have talked to owners on behalf of my clients, and the message is loud and clear:  “The old way of selling to me no longer works.”  Your client’s needs are changing every day, and their challenges are an opportunity for you if you know how to change your traditional approach.  We all have a comfort level when talking to our clients about a project and selling our firm’s solutions.  What if you actually challenged your client’s scope by digging deeper and bringing in insights and solutions that the client hasn’t considered?   Your client will sit up and take notice. They are looking for the spark that makes your solution stand out from the pack.  So, consider taking on this challenge even if it is outside your comfort level.  Conversations will be deeper, different, and unravel creative results that even you may not have thought of.

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