Thank You, Thomas Friedman!

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This is the last blog in my Thomas Friedman series (“Thank you for being late – The Optimist Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations”).  Friedman certainly compelled me to realize that leaders (that is many of us and others behind us) must promote inclusion and adaptation.  It is important to have role models but realize specifically what they did may not be relevant anymore, how they did it is the thing to watch.  Lead by inclusion, provide clarity to the team about where the company is going and the skills needed to be successful in that future and the “scaffolding” and access to training to get them there.  And for goodness sake, remember, as Friedman put is “the best solutions for helping people build resilience and propulsion in this age of acceleration are things you cannot download but have to upload the old fashion way – one human to another human at a time.” What a message for how we lead and interact with our ream, our partners and each other in our community.

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