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Watching the aftermath of Hurricane Michael is crushing:  homes, businesses, and lives disrupted in unimaginable ways on the East Coast.  This disaster also brought to mind a natural disaster closer to home and the domino devastation of communities in Santa Barbara, Montecito and Ventura in California:  Massive wildfires followed by an avalanche of mud destroying everything in its path.  When a natural disaster strikes, people are evacuated, infrastructure collapses, businesses come to a halt.   I was reminded of an article I’d read in Harvard Business Review called Resilience in a Hotter World, by Andrew Winston.  Mr. Winston is an environmental strategy adviser and author.  Natural disasters are not new, but natural disasters are still taking a deep toll on people, businesses and communities.  The article in HBR asked the question:  How do companies pivot, rethink strategies and tactics and continue to thrive?  The author calls this a Pivot Strategy.  “To be resilient, companies must transform their strategies.  They must rethink their vision, embracing radical innovation and a long-term mind-set; and pursue new kinds of partnerships to achieve goals beyond the reach of individual firms.”   I challenge companies and leaders to review their vision, valuation and partners for the protection of their businesses, their loyal workforce and their clients. We depend on each other.  Each facet links communities, demands global thinking.  Read the article here for inspiration and share with others:  https://hbr.org/2014/04/resilience-in-a-hotter-world

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