The Resistance

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As I watch the news witnessing the political turmoil occurring across many countries, with leaders reluctant to give up their reign despite the demands for political reform by their countrymen and women, that resistance is breeding chaos. I can’t help but think about that same scenario as it applies to corporations. The changing of the guard is always hard for the guards – whether coming in or going out. The message that is sent out across the firm (“your country”) is extremely important. Exiting leaders want to go out on a high note, with the respect of the teams they have led during their reign. New leaders need the support and following of those same teams. How organizations go through leadership changes can be handled positively, inspire the firm, and without disruption or chaos within their marketplace. Making the transition is a thoughtful process that can be enhanced by the view from an outsider who can bring in fresh perspectives that are hard to see when you are on the inside. There is always going to be resistance to change – it’s how you approach it that will determine success or failure in your world.

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