Nurture Growth by Letting Go

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WateringManSmallWe have many trees in our backyard so I read Jason Fried’s article on how a business is like an apple tree with great interest (Inc. Magazine, When Good Ideas Bear Fruit; February 2013).  We just pruned our trees with the knowledge that, as Jason puts it we were “favoring what is left and helping the tree flourish with the winners, and open up for new growth.”  We know that strong limbs make for healthier branches and ridding of the weak branches will create a stronger, healthier tree.  I like the analogy to business – we all have divisions and groups that have been stagnate for years that use vital resources that are needed to propel the stronger parts of the organization or parts that will be “new growth” for the firm.  Organizations need refreshment and so do the people involved in stagnate parts of the business.  Everyone can benefit by letting the sun, fresh air and new ideas deeper into the organization.  Stop holding on to what was and have some fun looking out to what could be.

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