Engagement or Divorce? More on Change

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arrow-menI was doing some reading on successful ways to make change in an organization.  Engaging with influential peers and non-leaders is a great place to start.  According to an article from Training & Development Magazine (April 2011, by author, Phaedra Brotherton) employees are often skeptical of proposed changes, and downright distrusting of firm leadership until they see influential peers or non-leaders accepting change efforts.  “83% of US employees accept change when supported by influential non-leaders”.  One of the reasons I think leaders run into such resistance is their lack of involving influential non-leaders in shaping change.  Leaders often forget the critical role these people have in how well the plan will be received by others, or how they have fresh perspectives and ideas or even that they are also part of the team that will have to implement the plan. All of us want to see our handprint on the future – I certainly want that – don’t you? The lesson here is that change is inevitable and rather than making decisions in a vacuum, bring your influential team members straight into the process of carving out change efforts.   

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