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Small Pulling Out BrainYou know I am on this brain kick.  Here is another brain fact: New studies suggest it may be time to return your focus to one thing at a time.  “Interrupted workers lose an average of 25 minutes each time they switch gears – get things done faster, one item at a time.  Imagine how many of those 25 minute pockets of time you rack up in a day trying to do everything all at once, but can’t get your brain wrapped around all those tasks. “Your brain needs at least 15 concentration filled minutes to get into the zone where you are truly focused and doing your best work. Time blocking sets the stage for that to happen, ” according to an article in Fast Company by Gina Trapani, Founding Editor of Likehacker.   I have to say I am using this tip to change the way I do things.  I got to the office today at 7:20 and it is 8:45 and my work on blogs is almost done.  I have not checked email yet and won’t for another 15 minutes. 

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