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WateringManSmallI was floored reading an article in The Week recently called Recharting the Flow of the Maple’s Sap. I read that for the last bizzillion years real maple has been tapped from the bottom of a tree because it was believed that sap flows downward.  “It’s just always been done this way, ” says a Vermont syrup maker.  Now researchers from the University of Vermont have figured out that sap flows up from the ground so that tapping from the top of young (chest high) trees can produce 10 times more syrup per acre than mature (tall) trees.   Uh, hello?  That is a bit embarrassing.  This finding has turned the syrup industry on its ear.  From a business perspective, doing things the way it’s always been done will continue to yield the same results.  When you are tempted to say, “because we have always done it this way”, bite your tongue and take another look!

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