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This book I received as a gift continues to have a huge impact on me. “Thank you for being late – The Optimist Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations” by Thomas Friedman. Friedman was explaining how many innovations come from open source challenges. “Millions of hours of free labor are being unlocked by tapping into people’s innate desires to innovate, share and be recognized for it.”  He mentions Meg Whitman and HP using an open source cloud architecture and leveraging the community. “…we have one hundred thousand developers who don’t work for us – but what they can do in a week, we couldn’t do in a year.” She goes on to say “I am convinced that the world is driven by validation and that is what makes these communities so powerful. People are driven by their desire for others in their community to validate their work.”  Wow when was the last time we really validated our team members?  Shows, once again, how people crave that validation and that money is way less of a driver than the respect and recognition of others.

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