Are You Irreplaceable?

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Gear Man SmallReading an article by Sam Grobart in Bloomberg Businessweek entitled Robot Workers: Coexistence Is Possible (December 2012, ) about human workers loosing out to robots. He discusses the many things that a robot simply cannot do.  That got me thinking about the changes that the AEC industry is going through with new technologies and programs that are doing many of the things we had done for years.  It harkens back to my thoughts about outsourcing projects oversees.  I often thought if a person half way around the world, with substantial math skills but limited language skills, can produce our work, then how far behind is the piece of software that can do the same? 

The real trick is to think about the things that a machine or a software program cannot do.  It puts greater importance on experience, engagement, dialogs, and bigger thinking.  It puts the idea of listening, collaboration and leveraging ideas at the forefront.  This can actually awaken our ability to create great things, innovate, and apply what we learn in new ways. 


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